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Is the first meaning of the term "International English" restricted to English spoken in British Commonwealth countries? What about the forms of English spoken in the non-Commonwealth countries like the United States and Ireland?

Yes. English spoken in the United States is referred to as American English. Irish English I'm not sure of. --Robert Merkel

This article simply has to go - I've been researching this for weeks, placing a dozen posts on alt.usage.english and reading every manual of English usage I can find, and simply NONE of them validate this term "International English" in the context of a grouping of non-American Englishes.

All of my references provide only two valid meanings for it: as a term used in the computer industry, and as reference to "English as a utility language for international communication". - MMGB

Since the only person who was supporting it has now gone, you can do what you like with it. --Zundark, 2001 Nov 18