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U.S. States (note: in progress, adapting to WikiProject U.S. States standards.)

U.S. Post Office abbreviation for the state: IA
the official (long) name of the state: "State of Iowa"


  • Physical geography (mountains, rivers, plains, elevation, that sort of thing)


  • state population: 2,926,324 (2000 census)
  • racial/ethnic makeup of state
  • religious makeup of state


  • State income
  • Major industries/products: agriculture, insurance, manufacturing.
  • state taxes

Law/Government of state [Note that all the U.S. states have similar legal and political systems, so maybe we only need to mention anything that makes the state distinct]

  • legislature -- bicameral: Senate and House
  • structure of state judicary
  • information on state constitution
  • does it have referenda?


  • history prior to joining the United States
  • First came under U.S. control as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Territorial government established (when?).
  • Attained statehood in December 28, 1846 (the 29th state).
  • major historical events that occured in state

Colleges/Universities in states

Sporting teams in state


  • State bird: Eastern goldfinch
  • State flower: wild rose
  • State motto: "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain"