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What the %#@^#%@^* does 'smallish' mean? Let's not indulge in stereotypes ... 'greenish'?

- it's also wettish  :-)

Is this seriously from the CIA factbook??. I had to change the stuff about Northern Ireland history cus it was wrong.

Should it be noted that the peace agreement signed 10 April 1998 was not between the UK and Irish governments but rather was a ceasefire between the various terrorist groups operating in Northern Ireland?

(Actually between political parties in Northern Ireland, only some of which were the "political wing" of terrorist organisations, though that term is now no longer so popular with those parties (some of the Irish media describe the relationship as having "an insight into the thinking of" the particular paramilitary organisation)).

The UK and Irish Governments are friendly and work together on the Northern Ireland situation.

I fixed the name of the country (Obviously De Valera picked the name to confuse the northern unionists). "The name of the country is Eire, or in the English language, Ireland..." Actually, that's the English translation of the constitution, and it all gets horribly self referential and tricky when you try to translate text that talks about what language it's in - but that's a whole other article...