Irish Sessions

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For an encyclopedia article about Irish sessions, please see Irish traditional music session (and do help whip that article into shape!).

For the Irish session wiki that began life on this page, please see the Diddly Wiki!

The Irish session list project

Hello and welcome, Irish tradoholics!

This is the temporary home of the Irish session list project.

Feel free to get to work adding session information to this page and its subpages. If you're confused about what's going on, here are some /Suggestions on how to get started. You might want to follow a /Format (or you might not). Ask your questions here: /FAQ. No question will be (publicly) deemed foolish.

We will probably want to move this information elsewhere soonish, but even if we do choose to move it elsewhere, it will be very, very easy to copy the contents of this page (and its subpages).

Irish Sessions, Listed by Country

To view or add to the list, follow the subpage links. Create new subpages, if you feel that's a good idea, for counties, states, provinces, etc. You can even create subpages for individual sessions. See /Format for an example. If you don't want to try to figure out how to add a subpage and so forth, just add as much info about your session as you like to the bottom of the page and someone will properly format it.