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JMS is the acronym used by author, producer and writer Joseph Michael Straczynski (pen name J. Michael Straczynski). JMS has been a writer and/or producer for numerous television shows, including "Jake and the Fatman", "Murder, She Wrote", "The New Twilight Zone", "Ghostbusters", "Babylon 5", "Crusade", "Jeremiah".

He is the author of three horror novels "Othersyde", "Demon Knight", "Tribulations" and a compilation of short stories, "Tales from the New Twilight Zone".

He is the write for three comic books: "Spider Man" (Marvel Comics", "Midnight Nation" (TopCow/Joe's Comics), and "Rising Stars" (TopCow/Joe's Comics).

He is currently filming Jeremiah, a new 20 episode science-fiction television series for the cable network Showtime, and is preparing a big-budget studio movie version of "Rising Stars".

He is a friend and collaborator with speculative-fiction author Harlan Ellison, a student and friend of Norman Corwin and an outspoken admirer of the work of Rod Serling.