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If you follow that link to amazon I think you'll see why KQ probably changed it--they have it wrong there.

Actually are you sure the book company doesn't have it wrong? The Library of Congress has it "judgment" too: http://catalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?v1=1&ti=1,1&FT=james+blish+day+after&PID=15017&CNT=25+records+per+screen&SEQ=20011014130051&SID=4


Searching http://www.loc.gov/cgi-bin/formprocessor/copyright/locis.pl shows that it was registered first in serialized form as "The day after judgment":

2. Registration Number:    RE-803-122  
Title:    [Contributions by James Blish] By aJames Blish. 
Note:    Serialized novel. 
In:    Galaxy magazine 
Claimant:    Judith L. Blish (W) 
Effective Registration Date:    14Dec98 
Original Class:    BCONT: Issue Aug-Sept70. The day after judgment. PUB 23Jul70; B604348. Dec70. Dark side crossing. PUB 10Nov70;  B625506. 

The registration as "The day after judgement" (with the extra "e" was later:

1. Registration Number:    RE-796-907  
Title:    The day after judgement. By James Blish. 
Claimant:    acJudith L. Blish (W) 
Effective Registration Date:    9Feb99 
Original Registration Date:    15Jan71; 
Original Registration Number:    A210961. 
Original Class:    A 
Claim Limit:    NEW MATTER: additional text.

But oh well. So both are coomon. It's not an issue unless you want an entry on it, then a #REDIRECT from one to the other should probably keep people happy.

I think its a matter of english/american spelling: the English (Penguin books, 1974) paperback that I have has it as judgement, as does the 1st edition of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (ed. Peter Nicholls & John Clute, both english). It's not worth the argument really, I'll just go and correct a detail i got wrong instead -- Malcolm Farmer