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I am NOT saying that burning people at the stake is a good thing, or even the right thing; HOWEVER, it would be nice to see an article on the Reformation or a reformer that didn't make it sound like the Catholic Church was out of line... it needs to be clear that the Catholic Church was pretty much the only game in town, and that many laypeople supported the suppression of non-orthodox Christian belief for religious reasons as well as political ones. Just wanting to see more that reflects the real religious issues brought about by the Reformation, not just an implication that this was all some kind of political struggle (despite the fact that the Church was and is politically very powerful). That said, one of the reasons that Luther was successful where Hus wasn't is because Luther didn't do much to rock the political boat, where Hus's reforms threatened the landowners as well...[[[JHK]]

Ah, subtlety. I've done my best with 'inquisition' to make it clear that things are complicated. One of the delightful things, historiographically, about the Hus thang is that the Council of Constance, i.e., the conciliar movement at its finest, the great hope of 19th century Protestant historians who think that what the Papacy needs to reign it in is a nice representative assembly meeting on a regular basis, is EXACTLY who condemned him. Ah, well. --MichaelTinkler

I've always had a soft spot for the Conciliarists..."more bishops know more than one" works for me (except for the fact that a council of bishops is still as influenced by outside forces as one elected pope...maybe nore, maybe less -- all depends on the pope...) <sigh> JHK
'nore'? I added quotation marks where you MEANT them (check previous versions), but I'm not sure what you mean by 'nore'. --MichaelTinkler, who'd rather have God choose just one pope at a time rather than a whole council full o' them
14 years, and you still don't know what I nean by nore. Nore is nuch nore than less... JHK, still not entirely convinced that God watches over every papal election, but agreeing that it's better to have just one Pope.