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I think it would be a good idea to include Japanese phonemes here - although of c. not all scholars agree on whether say /S/ (as in Japanese shakuhachi) is actually a phoneme...but the number of phonemes etc. is controversial in most languages... http://pub3.ezboard.com/fhumanjapanesejapanesegrammar.showMessage?topicID=509.topic Wathiik---- I saw your posting and I tend agree with the other guy, Shibatani. So you see there are problems already. I assume he posited the /Q/ because these "double consonants" are proceeded by a very brief glotal stop. Or, maybe he is stuck to the writing system, where the double consonants are written tsu+C? However, if you want to post your analysis, I would link it to this page, which is really not a linguistic analysis.

[I thought that some info on the history of the language and writing system would be useful, but didn't know where it fit. Other things I would add - A quick note on 'small tsu' stopping, a intro to counters, and a mention of additional blending options in Katakana (vowels and also the newer 'v blends'). Just some ideas.]

Japanese is usually classified as an altaic language. I think there is some scholarly debate about classification of languages re Japanese, but it's usually found under "altaic" in most family trees. I'm not sure how to effect a change of this? Will find out