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John M. Lynch

I was born in Dublin, Ireland and after twenty-five years moved to Arizona where I'm a Lecturer with Barrett Honors College of Arizona State University, and an Affiliate Professor with the Institute of Human Origins. My Ph.D. is in evolutionary biology, but over the past eight years I have shifted my research into the history and cultural context of evolutionary thought. Particular interests include Victorian responses to evolutionary ideas and the resurgence of the "Argument from Design" as "Intelligent Design Theory".

I am the editor of "Vestiges and the Debates Before Darwin" (2000), "British Responses to Natural Selection, 1859-1871" (2001), and "Creationism and Scriptural Geology, 1817 - 1857" (in prep.). I also authored the entry on the history of biological sciences for "The Readers Guide to British History" (2001), and essays on Adam Sedgwick and Robert Chambers for "The Dictionary of Nineteenth Century British Philosophers" (in press) for which I also was the contributing editor for entries relating to evolutionary thought. I am currently studying Sedgwick's opposition to evolutionary ideas, Higher Criticism and Utilitarian ethics and the conflict between St George Jackson Mivart's Catholicism and his evolutionism.

I like to spend my time listening to Classical and folk music (Celtic & American), reading, tinkering with computers (Linux) and I appreciate more than the odd pint of Guinness!

I'm also in the process of putting together a Wiki related to Darwin and Darwinism for the classes I teach. See DarwinWiki

I can be contacted at darwinoid at

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