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Feel free to make comments and suggestions. John Lynch

Fancy running into you again -- you may not recall, but I sent you an e-mail praising your websites, at Rutgers I think. I noticed you've published one of Darwin's texts here. Perfectly ethical, of course, but does it fall inside the confines of what wikipedia represents? It has various pros (instant reference, no need to worry about another website being down) and cons (not truly an encyclopedia article, adds additional debris to be searched through when wiki runs a search).

Might it be worthwhile to input a feature request, that certain articles be labelled as supporting texts? The online element and cheap hard drive prices provide an interesting opportunity to do things just like this that make wikipedia so much more valuable, but perhaps the idea could be refined even more. Well, perhaps I'm just rambling, but do reply if you have the time. Colin dellow

Hi John, is your Darwin wiki open content? --Larry Sanger


Very good! I think it would be much better if you kept your coursework materials on the your wiki and encyclopedic-type materials on Wikipedia; this would avoid the inevitable busywork that a fork will inevitably cause. But I guess you have your reasons. --Larry

Once entries on DarwinWiki reach a mature form, I intend to transfer them over to the Wikipedia. Hopefully that's a more efficient way of doing things. I have a ton of lecture notes that I'm willing to use - I just need time :) I'm also hoping to seduce some brave souls into adding stuff to the resources my students will use.

Sounds great. That might actually be more efficient for you anyway! --Larry