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I've written one (half) article so far, Sergei Prokofiev. Will try to finish it soon. It takes time to write in english... /jofo

Hello, welcome to Wikipedia. I noticed your entry on Sergei Prokofiev; thanks for adding it. I did notice, though, that it has a carriage return at about 3/4 of the page and also has a few formatting glitches, so I was curious if you've pasted it in from MS Word or some other program, or if you've found an online source in the public domain which we don't yet know about. We have to be careful of copyrights, but we are of course free to cut and paste from Public Domain Resources --Koyaanis Qatsi

Sorry to bring up a potentially touchy subject, it's just that it raises red flags when articles come in looking nearly complete. Thanks very much for your work; I'm glad to hear it's a translation of your own paper. Feel free to delete these comments, by the way--this is your page.  :-) --KQ

Yeah... I'm trying to get the hang of this wiki-thing, it's really cool but it's a bit frightening too :) For now I think these comments are better than nothing at all. Oh, and I appreciate your comments, I understand that it's very important that we take care not to break copyrights since that would defeat the whole idea of the site. /jofo