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No offence but...

"Self-proclaimed as the "most conservative leader the Liberal Party has ever had", Howard's political vision combines a lassiez-faire economic policy, including tight reins on government spending, tight restrictions on welfare (including "work for the dole" schemes requiring the unemployed to participate in make-work projects) and demanding with highly conservative, even reactionary social views, being strongly supportive of stay-at-home mothers, unsympathetic towards multiculturalism, opposed to an Australian republic (Australia's notional head of state is the British monarch), opposed to an apology to Australia's indigenous people for the stolen generation, opposed to a treaty, or any formal document, between Australia's indigenous people and the government." very difficult to read. I'm going to edit it for clarity, but I've copied it here in case anyone disputes my modifications. - MMGB

SJK - I'm no fan of Howard, but the statement "many asian leaders came to consider him a racist" is too inflammatory without suitable references to back it up (not that I actually disagree with you).

I'm fairly sure Mahathir and the odd Indonesian politician has said so. Mahathir, of course, is a paragon of ethnic tolerance, freedom, the rule of law, and is an all-round nice guy - NOT. I'll try to dig up a specific reference. I didn't put the claim in the article, though. --Robert Merkel

Congrats to the Libs, boo-f'n-hoo to Labor who could have won, but didnt. Not surprisingly, the ALP will once again be lead by a former ACTU presiden, crean. in 3 yrs crean vs. costello will be awesome.... - dh

I'm sure we've each got our opinions on the last election but could we please try and keep this directly relevant to the article? --Robert Merkel

The characterisation of the Mabo decision is totally wrong.