John J. Wenckus

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John J. Wenckus (1955-September 11, 2001) was a tax consultant in partnership with Philip Califano of Califano Financial Group, San Pedro, California.

He died at age 46 in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack on board American Airlines flight 11.

He is survived by his parents, John J. and Joan E. (Besso) Wenckus of Waltham, Massachusetts; his sisters, Carol A. Hamill and Lynne M. Patten, both of Waltham, and Lisa J. Maloney of Framingham; and his brothers, Brian P. Wenckus of Waltham, and Daniel P. Wenckus of Natick.

Mr. Wenckus was born and raised in Waltham and graduated from Waltham High School in 1973. He next attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a bachelor of science degree (mechanical engineering) in 1977.

He went on to pursue a career with Hi-Shear technologies of Torrance, Massachusetts, starting as an engineer and eventually becoming vice president of operations. In 1997 he left to serve as vice president and general manager at Lockhart Industries in Paramount, California. He briefly retired in 1999 before partnering with Mr. Califano.

Mr. Wenckus was an avid golfer. He especially enjoyed playing pool and watching sports.


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