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After [Vladimir Lenin]?'s death in 1924?, a triumverate of Stalin, Kamenev?, and Zinoviev? governed against Trotsky? (on the left wing of the party) and Bukharin? (on the right wing of the party).

We shouldn't wikify just the last names here. I would simply remove the double brackets, but we will want to link to articles about these people; besides, we need the full names of these people. --LMS


Several times, Russian people have told me (with various level of bitterness and anger) of what Stalin did to the Ukraine. They blame him for killing millions of people -- civilial, non-wartime deaths -- by systematic, deliberate starvation. Okay, I'm getting emotional here (in /Talk), but is there a way to mention Ukraine and genocide in the Stalin article.

Stalin is often credited with successfully industrializing the Soviet Union. What can be said without controversy is that by the time of World War II , the Soviet economy had been industrialized to the point that the Soviets could resist the German invasion. That Stalin or his policies are to be credited for this is contended.
Much of this industrial achievement resulted from foreign firms being brought in to develop Soviet industry. This was simply a continuation of the industrialization process that began under the czars, and is ultimately a continuation of the policy of modernization begun by [Peter the Great]? in the 17th century, which also relied on the importation of human capital. That this policy continued to create beneficial results under Stalin, as it had under the czars, does not speak to Stalin's effectiveness as a leader or to the practicality of a socialist economy.

I think this last paragraph goes too far. The first establishes that there is disagreement, the second more or less instructs the reader which opinion is best. If nobody objects, I'd like to alter it slightly. -- Zork