Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

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The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is one of the highest courts in the United Kingdom, as well as being the highest court of appeal for several independent countries that were formerly part of the British Empire, the UK overseas territories and the British crown dependencies.

The judicial system of the United Kingdom is unusual in having no highest national court; the Judicial Committee is the highest court of appeal in some cases, while in many others the highest court of appeal is the House of Lords.

The Judicial Committee has the power to hear cases involving:

Formerly appeals to the Privy Council could be made from Australia; however this right of appeal was effectively abolished from the Commonwealth Courts by the Privy Council (Limitation of Appeals) Act 1968 and the Privy Council (Appeals from the High Court) Act 1975, and from the State courts by the Australia Act 1986. Technically, a litigant may appeal to the Privy Council with the permission of the Supreme Court of Austrailia. However, the Austrailian Supreme Court does not grant permission.