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Are we quite sure it is kosher to put this page here?


I'm glad you responded! I also see the need to figure out issues like this. And in fact it's the reason I posted the link I took the information from as well. - It's just so easy to just copy and paste some information from the web.. In this case I think we could simply email the copyright holder and ask for his permission. - anyway: do we have some kind of discussion forum around here? (being new to this site...)

Yep, see WikipediaL. And yep, please e-mail the author. He says he wants copies intact, and this copy is available for anyone to edit here.

I also wrote the author; perhaps he will give us permission or even join the project. :-) --Jimbo Wales

He wrote back thusly: "You have my permission to use my material on your WWW site as long as you maintain links back to my original. Please use the URL below." I changed the link above, so that we may temporarily be doing the right thing, but given the nature of a wiki, it is hard (impossible) to guarantee that a link will be maintained properly. Anyone might delete it, and we might never notice it.

Notice that he also doesn't explicitly say we can modify his work, either. So, although I'm going to leave this up for now, pending further conversation with him, it is likely that we'll be taking this down.

I'll bet we could find someone with a good article on Jupiter who wouldn't mind that we use it, no strings attached. --LS