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justfred personal page

Hello, I'm justfred and this is my personal page. I'm not sure whether personal pages are allowed, or not here - perhaps there should be a Wikipedia/Personal pages to discuss this.

Visitors! Please sign in or leave comments at the /Visitors page!

I work at Cybertel Communications Corporation as the database guru.


I can be reached at just fred at net com dot com. Or from the /Visitors page here.

I reserve the right to contradict myself - it isn't necessarily someone else arguing with me.

Articles I'm interested in/have contributed to

Harvey Mudd College
Wikipedia/Manual of style

Possible Articles

M274 Mule
Area 51
Didjeridoo Add myths
Chicago Seven
Klein bottle

Misc Notes on Wiki vs E2, H2G2, Nupedia, others

-What exactly is the difference between creating pages here and creating your own webpages? (that is, there are lots of differences but what makes this so much more attractive?) It's like writing on the walls of your own house rather than on bathroom walls. (Someday when I have a bathroom of my own I'll have plywood walls to write on).

-I like the idea of a single page (wiki) rather than multiple pages that might have to stand on their own (E2).

-There needs to be some better method of organizing multiple pages, like Hughes, Howard vs Howard Hughes. Like a redirect page. This page could flash-redirect queries to the appropriate page. But what if someone later decides there IS a distinction.

-There needs to be a "manual of style", and relatively close attention should be paid to it. However these rules may often impose too much order on the participants. Policy vs style vs syntax.

-How do you enforce a level system without all the problems associated with it? Or do you want to? It seems to me that at least people should need to sign up to write articles.

-Aside from (or incorporated within) personal pages, there should be some way to contact authors.

-Articles should include a standard provision for referencing websites, as well as referencing Yahoo, E2, Wiki, or other -pedias.

-When websites or xrefs are made, they should be checked when the page is posted.

-There should be a provision or a standard style for discussion, see also links, etc.

-It should be possible to check every word/phrase of an article (recursively?) for other encyclopedia links, and add those - as hard links, see also links, or soft links (E2). This might create massively unreadable/uneditable text.

-How do you cull the encyclopedia? Create lists of blind or empty links and either add them or unlink them?

-Personal, ramblings, and diary pages. These seem to be a horse of a different color; but how do you reconcile them with standard entries. Maybe entries could be promoted/demoted/nulled?

-Wiki and E2 should wherever possible and especially in frequently-used functions, (links for example) use the SAME syntax. I think it's "too late now" but maybe in preferences it could set syntax, then translate? Might be too difficult to do on the fly (in Perl? Everything is possible.

-Ah, and I just discovered another problem with Wiki - the subconscious need to edit random (non-wiki) webpages while you're surfing!!!