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Juetland is the German name for the North German peninsula. Jylland is the Danish name. Some Angles, Saxons and Jutes moved from continental Europe to Britain starting in 450 AD at the time of the onslaught of Huns (and later Slavs) from Asia into Europe.

Angleland became the name Eng(el)land.

The word Juete is German for plants, rope was made from for thousands of years. This material is in German language called Jute .

When Danes came and attacked Jutlanders, they were forced to leave many sunken ships. In time the Frankish emperors subdued the Danish attackers by intermarriage between Jutlanders and Danes. The Jutland chiefs then were also made kings of Denmark by the emperors.

When Charlemagne, the Frankish king and later emperor fought his wars against the Saxons, they got help from Danes and from Baltic Prussian Galinder.

Charlemagne removed Saxons from east Jutland (Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg areas) at the Baltic Sea and moved Abodrites, Obotrites (Wendish Slavs), who pledged allegiance to Charlemagne, in instead. After Charlemagne butchered 4000 Saxons they were forced to take on Christianity.