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KOffice is an office applications suite for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). All its components have been released under open source licenses. KOffice includes the following components:

  • KWord. A word processor with style sheets and frame-support for DTP-style editing of complex layouts.
  • KSpread. A spreadsheet application with multiple sheet support, templates and more than 100 mathematical formulas.
  • KPresenter. A presentation program with image and effect support.
  • Kivio. A programmable flowchart drawing program with dynamically loadable stencils. Developed by theKompany, which offers additional (copyrighted) stencils for sale.
  • Kontour. A vector drawing application with a variety of drawing and editing tools (freehand, bezier, mirror, fill style etc.), grouping, layers, grid display and EPS support.
  • Krayon. A bitmap (fixed pixel size) graphics manipulation program, primarily designed as a painting program, with some image processing features.
  • Kugar and KChart. Integrated report and chart generators.

KOffice includes import filters for some file formats provided by competitors. The suite is released separately from KDE and can be downloaded at http:///www.koffice.org.