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Conscious rapper from the Bronx, NY. Together with DJ Scott la Rock, he formed Boogie Down Productions. Their debut album - "Criminal Minded" - contained mainly dissing records and tracks about crime ("wa da da deng wa da da deng, listen to my nine millimeter go bang"), using James Brown samples and reggae influences. After Scott la Rock got shot, BDP got more and more political, making what is known as conscious rap. KRS One also was the mastermind behind the HEAL compilation and the Stop the Violence Movement that has its own manifesto with the 12" "Self Destruction" featuring many popular rappers. On his first solo album, KRS worked together with producers DJ Premier (Gang Starr), Showbiz and Kid Capri. The catchy yet very hardcore track "Sound of da Police" is featured on this album. His self titled second album featured Channel Live on the track "Free Mumia" as well as Mad Lion, Busta Rhymes, Das EFX and Fat Joe; all of them popular east coast rappers. Sursprisingly enough, 1997's "I Got Next" included a remix of the new hit "Step into a World" (with a sample from Blondie's "Rapture") by commercial rap icon Puff Daddy. "Hearbeat" featuring Angie Martinez and Redman was based on the old school classic "Feel the Heartbeat" by the Treacherous Three. After many BDP albums and the solo albums, Jive Records decided to drop KRS, and his 2001 album was released on Koch.


  • Return of the Boom Bap (1993)
  • KRS One (1995)
  • I Got Next (1997)
  • The Sneak Attack (2001)