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Kashmir is a beautiful place. An emperor (which one?) once said, "if there is any heaven on Earth, it's here!" Kashmir is the northernmost of the Indian states. Sitting in the Himalayas, this state had a booming tourism industry until posession of the territory became militarily disputed by Pakistan and terrorism became prevalent.

Kashmir was a Hindu state until the Islamic wave swept over India. Then it served as the summer resort of Mughal emperors. As the Mughal empire declined in power, the sikhs from Punjab established their rule over Kashmir. The Dogra dynasty took over from them, and were controlling the state when India became a dominion within the British Commonwealth in 1947. Kashmir chose to stay independent, but when Pakistan attacked Kashmir, the king Harisingh signed a pact with India and Kashmir joined the Indian union.

In the present-day, the majority of Kashmir is under the control of India, while part is controlled by Pakistan. Both sides remain steadfast in their assertion that Kashmir belongs entirely to them, and efforts to mediate have proven futile.