Kathy Acker

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http://www.wikipedia.com/images/uploads/memorial.png ofrenda for Kathy, San Francisco memorial, January 1998

Kathy Acker, who has often been described as post-punk post-feminist and post-industrial, in fact first appeared in print as part of the burgeoning New York literary underground of the mid 70s. She remained on the margins of the literary establishment, only being published in small presses until the mid 80s, thus earning herself the epithet of literary terrorist. 1984 saw her first British publication, her shit-kicking hell-hole of a novel -Blood and Guts in High School. From here on Kathy produced a considerable body of novels, she wrote pieces for a number of magazines and anthologies, and also had notable pieces printed in issues of ReSearch and Rapid Eye. Towards the end of her life she had a measure of success in the conventional press - the Guardian newspaper published several of her articles, including an interview with the Spice Girls, submitted just a few months before her death.

In April 1996 Kathy Acker was diagnosed as having breast cancer, and began to undergo treatment. In January 1997 she wrote about her loss of faith in conventional medicine in a Guardian article. In the article she explains that after unsuccessful surgery, which left her physically mutilated and emotionally debilitated, she rejected the passivity of the patient in the medical mainstream and began to seek out the advice of nutritionists, acupuncturists, psychic healers, and Chinese herbalists.

Kathy Acker died in Mexico on the 3rd December 1997.

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