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1. English County A county of England, south-east of London. The county town is Maidstone. Because of its agricultural influence, extensive orchards and hop-gardens, Kent is also known as the 'Garden of England'. Some addresses ending in 'Kent' are administered as part of London; these places lie within the Boroughs of Bexley or Bromley. In the UK, postal addresses sometimes reflect the patterns of efficient or traditional mail distribution rather than patterns of municipal or county government. The English are very fond of their countryside, so no-one complains if their postal/mailing address sounds more rural than their actual surroundings appear.

There is a nuclear power station located at Dungeness.

The Channel tunnel leaves England at Cheriton in Kent. It provides a rail link to and from France.

Cities and principal towns in Kent include:

2. Rock Band A Swedish rockband founded in Eskilstuna 1990, by the name of 'Jonas & Giftet', and later 'Havsänglar'.


  • 'Kent' 1995
  • 'Verkligen' 1996
  • 'Isola' swedish version - 1997, english version - 1998
  • 'Hagnesta Hill' swedish version - 1999, english version - 2000
  • 'B-sidor 95-00' 2000


The town of Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada, was named Kentville in 1826 as an honour to Queen Elizabeth I’s grandfather, Prince Albert, the Duke of Kent, who visited the area in 1794.