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State in southernmost India, bounded by the Arabian Sea on the west, Karnataka on the north and Tamil Nadu on the east. Kerala is one of the mountainous states in India. The physiography is quite diverse. Kerala is famous for its backwaters.

Trivandrum is the state capital. Other important cities are: Kochi, Kottayam and Kozhikode. Alleppey is a town with lot of picturesque canals, backwaters and lagoons. It has been described as "Venice of the East" by Marco Polo.

Coconut, tea and rubber are grown extensively. Tourism plays an important role in state economy. Coir and Cashew production are also important.

Kerala has a rich tradition of music and dance. It is the origin of classical dance Kathakali.

The literacy rate in Kerala is among the highest in India.

The state has many famous temples, churches, mosques and a (Jewish) synagogue which is unique of its kind in the country.