Kid Frost

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Frost is one of the most popular (and probably the first) Chicano (i.e. Mexican American) rapper. He was first signed to an indie label and later on moved to VIRGIN RECORDS (that's where his biggest hit, "La Raza", came out – "Chicano, and I'm brown and proud"), in 1995 he was signed by Ruthless (Eazy E's label) (distributed by Relativity and later on by Relativity/Epic/Sony), in 1999 Frost was signed to a small independent label (so he probably didn't sell as many records as the major label ppl wanted him to.) Style-wise Frost moved from Electro Funk (a kind of electronic hip hop, as it says, in this and other cases with rapping on it) to a Latin-tinged kind of Gangsta rap that he's basically still into, although now often inspired by G-Funk (a more melodic kind of gangsta rap pioneered by Dr. Dre).

KID FROST Discography

Early 12"s

Rough Cut (1984) (Electrobeat # 001)

Terminator (1985) (Electrobeat # 005)

Commando Rock (C-Jam and Kid Frost)


Hispanic Causing Panic (VIRGIN 1990)

East Side Story (1992)


Smile now die later (Ruthless/Relativity 1995)

When hell.a. freezes over (Ruthless/Relativity/Epic 1997)

This was then this is now Vol.I (Celeb-entertainment 1999)

This was then this is now Vol.II (Celeb-entertainment 2000)