Knights of Columbus

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A Catholic Fraternity open to membership to Roman Catholic men age 18 and over. Founded by a Catholic priest, Father Michael McGiveney in New Haven, CT in 1883, it is not in direct control of the Roman Catholic Church, but supports it vehemently. The priciples of the order are Fraternity, Unity, Charity and Patriotism. The vast majority of the membership live in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Phillipine Islands. Originally institued to give fraternal support to all brother Knights, the Knights of Columbus today is a multi-million dollar life insurance company based in New Haven, CT. The "CEO" is also Supreme Knight and leader of the fraternal organization. Hirarchy desending from the Supreme Knight include State or Provincial Deputies leading each geographical state, District Deputies overseeing several Councils and a Grand Knight heading each local Council in a specific geographic area. Councils are numbered in the order in which they charted into the organization and are named by the local membership.