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Welcome, Koyaanisqatsi.

I saw the movie Koyaanisqatsi over 10 years ago now. I'm still dizzy. :-)

Thanks for the welcome; I'm glad to have found the resource.

Does the repetitive process of copying World Factbook data give you a similar feeling to watching the film Koyaanisqatsi? *grin* When I was cutting and pasting this stuff, I felt dizzy after awhile, in the same way as watching the film. :-)

Ha. No, it doesn't make me dizzy; in small doses it's just something to pass the time with while waiting for people; in larger doses it's something easy and worthwhile that helps overcome insomnia. I have to admit that I take greater pride in the Ingmar Bergman entry than in the rest; I think I'll start reading up on Martin Scorsese and Joel and Ethan Coen to beef up those two pages. (I share a fondness for The Big Lebowski, and just watched it again last night, in fact.)

The dude abides.

-) I just keep imagining you cutting and pasting while chanting Koyaanisqatsi.

' :-) No, Koyaanisqatsi is just a movie I identify strongly with. (I could have called myself the Bicycle Thief, but that sounds too much like a violation of the fifth amendment.) ;-) I didn't go with my name because I'm an information junkie; as a result I've developed a great respect for privacy: once any bit of information is out in print or online, it can reproduced and collated infinitely, all without the careful judgment that typically goes with sharing some bit of information with a person, in person. In the entry I wrote about Ingmar Bergman, I wrote about the way he works because it is his work that I'm interested in; I expect to do the same for the other entries, though I would not mind if others added biographical details. I personally tend to see them as relevant only when they've had an obvious effect on the work. I don't mind being personable, I just feel that online, people get lost among the data. Suffice it to say I have no intention of becoming a celebrity. :-D

I note, now (aug 21) that in coming to see the Bergman entry as too dry, I overcorrected in the Brubeck one. Death in Tehran.

You know, it just occurred to me that since the CIA World Factbook does come out each year, much of the work I've done so far would have to be redone next year. I hope someone is working on that Perl script. :-D

Now I'm curious as to whether there's any way to turn the autolinking off. Sometimes it's inappropriate, as in "Randle Patrick McMurphy": since I did not put the name in brackets, the site automatically wants to create an article called "McMurphy." I've tried the six apostrophe trick, to no effect. Will the autolinking eventually be removed?

I would like to see that removed eventually as well, but for now, you can do it ThisWay. --LDC

Thanks, LDC. --KQ

Hey, KQ, thanks a lot for finishing up that wikification of my text. I didn't notice that you'd finished. Anyway, thanks again, it looks a lot better. It still needs a lot of work wikifying (breaking into chunks, making less colloquial, and de-opinionating). I wish I had the time to do it. Maybe I'll take some time, do it for 15 minutes a day... --LMS

Well, I think it's only slightly too colloquial, but that's of course just my opinion. I like a certain amount of informality in discussion, and I think subjects should generally be presented as simply as possible. (I can see the troops gathering on the horizon against my "dumbing down" of edcuation....) :-D

Thanks for cleaning up my birthday page (November 24)! I'm getting the hang of the format now. -- Claudine

You're welcome. Glad to be of help. I think it was Paul Robinson who started the date entries; he set up an example at Historical anniversaries/Example and I've just been following it. Unfortunately the link to it was deleted; I guess I must have done that in one of my many edits on the main page. --KQ

If you have a message for me, can I suggest you add a pointer on my page drj. This re BCPL/Talk (where you said "message for drj" in the change log comment. Anyway, I've read what you have to say and done some editing back in. --drj

Quick question: The Rouse... Page should really be re-named Rouse Ball... since W.W.'s last name is Rouse Ball. There's also a lecture series named after him (at Cambridge?), so it would recieve a seperate entry. How do you do that? --Eventi

I'm taking your word on it because I'm not familiar with him. To do that select the entire text and copy it, then add a link to the new article name and save changes. Click on the link and add the text; then go back and change the old text to a redirect to the new one (e.g. #REDIRECT new article name.) Be careful to move the subpages first so that you don't lose the discussion and letter etc. Some people follow up by changing links from the old article titles to the new ones; others don't. Personally I think it keeps wikipedia in better repair. :-)

Do a quick Google search on 'Rouse Ball Lecture'... I've actually read one once, I believe by John Searle but I'll have to be sure. At any rate, I'm sure his surname isn't Rouse... --e

I'm an old hand at phrasing things wrong. I believe you. :-) It does make sense to redirect to the new page; it simply hadn't occurred to me. BTW, the above is really just a workaround; only admins are allowed to rename the pages themselves. I'm not sure if that's ever actually been done yet. Seems like a good chance to lose information permanently.

OK, I found where I've seen it before. Sir Roger Penrose (no Penrose page?) is the Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics, at the University of Oxford he doesn't have a homepage... I'll do the name change thingie --e

I moved the discussion on the capitalization of surnames to Wikipedia commentary/How to write non-american names--AN

BTW, my disagreement about the foreign family names notwithstanding, I appreciate the huge work you have done, that makes minor points like that dwarf in comparison. --AN