Kvikkalkul programming language

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Kvikkalkul is a computer programming language ostensibly developed by the Swedish Navy in the 1950s and used on the SABINA computer. It came to fame in 1994 when someone made an anonymous post to usenet regarding it. Probably not a real language, but a joke; like Intercal in that respect.

Here is a pointer to a copy of the original post (which I assume is still copyright, so I can't include it here): http://kuoi.asui.uidaho.edu/~kamikaze/documents/kvik.html

(Is there really a copyright issue here? Considering it's an anonymous post, on a network that works by making a vast number of copies, and that various commercial entities provide public Usenet archives without legal difficulty, it seems this post would be in the public domain. In fact, if there were a copyright issue, the university hosting the linked webpage would be in trouble.)