Kylie Minogue

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An Australian actor and singer (though based in the United Kingdom for nearly a decade).

She appeared in several Australian TV series as a child and teenager before rising to prominence in the 1987 with her role in the Australian soap opera Neighbours where she starred alongside Jason Donovan. Her recording career began with a boppy cover of "Locomotion" in 1988. Working with the British producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman responsible for many 80's pop hits, she recorded a sequence of similarly teen-oriented pop tunes including "Better the Devil You Know", "I Should Be So Lucky", and "Shocked". By the early 1990's, subsequent albums struggled to sell as well and she returned to acting in The Delinquents, a tale of Australian teenage life in the late 1950's which was not a commercial success, and a small role in Street Fighter.

Her career was revived, particularly in Australia, with a dark, surreal duet with Nick Cave called "Where The Wild Roses Grow" in 1995. Her subsequent work, while still firmly in the pop mould, is generally viewed as more mature and sophisticated. While Minogue still retains a place in the iconography of 80's kitch, her subsequent constant musical and image reinventions have allowed her career to progress beyond it.

She is the sister of Dannii Minogue.