L. Ron Hubbard

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L. Ron Hubbard (b. 1911 Tilden, Nebraska - d. 1986 Hemet, California ), was a very prolific writer of fiction in all genres, science fiction, religious works, technical, educational and management texts, and miscellaneous reports, essays and poetry.

Founder of Dianetics and later, Scientology - a highly controversial religious movement.

Hubbard was associated for a time with Jack Parsons, a rocket propulsion researcher at CalTech, and an associate of Aleister Crowley. It is alleged that during this period Hubbard and Parsons were engaged in the practice of ritual magick. The Church of Scientology insists that Hubbard was sent to put an end to Parson's magickal acitivites, and to "rescue" a girl he was "using" for magickal purposes; most Scientology critics consider the Church's statements to be after the fact rationalisations. See [1] for a discussion of these events, from an anti-Scientology viewpoint.