Labour Day

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Labour Day (or Labor Day) is celebrated on May 1 in many countries (see also May Day). It was traced back to the labor movement in the United States in 1884.

Labour Day is not celebrated on May 1 in the U.S. or Canada. Their Labour Day is a public holiday on the first Monday of September.

In Australia, Labour Day is 1 October in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia. In the Northern Territory it is called May Day but (unlike in most other countries with such a holiday) occurs on 7 May, not 1 May.

According to highway accident statistics, the Labor Day weekend is the most dangerous weekend of the year to travel on US highways. The reason is believed to be that it is the last long weekend before the schools start. Families with school age children take it as the last chance to travel before the end of summer. The teenagers and young adults view it as the last weekend to get drunk before returning to school. Drunk driving and extra traffic both contribute to the high fatality over the weekend.

Details, history of the American Labor Day, and more about its purpose is needed.