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Do you want me to contact some individual, or to try to find a certain sort of specialist, to help look over an article? I will try to oblige. Please add your requests below, and I will (in theory) use the opportunity to bring more high-level people to the project. Please don't hesitate to add to this page, even for what might seem like unimportant review requests. Let me decide what I'll pursue--I'd like a lot of options to choose from. (Please see also building Wikipedia membership.)

Re: Java programming language

I am as expert as anyone on this topic, and I think the article here is quite good--indeed far better than I would expect any CS PhD to do. The "writing an applet" page is pretty useless and that link might be removed or totally rewritten, and much of the other pages on object orientation need a lot of work, but the Java page itself is fine. I suppose some sample code might be nice (such as that in the Forth article), and perhaps some detailed subpages on things like the API. Is that the kind of thing you think is missing here? --LDC

Let's see if agrees with you!  ;-) --LMS
I'd expect many of them to be a bit biased in favor of the language; for example, I was careful to include the "write once/debug everywhere" quote, because it's an important part of the history and perception of the language. Secondly, I might take general issue with the use of Usenet as a source of QA; a source of more content, certainly, but if you're looking for real reviewers, it might not be ideal. --LDC
Usenet's definitely not the best place to look for reviewers but it is a source of more content, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.  :-) --LMS

I would suggest maybe asking Eric S. Raymond ( if he'd be interesting in looking at some entries like hacker or jargon file.

Please, please, please, Larry, get a professional in here to do something about the English language situation! If my father were willing to type (let alone use the internet) I'd make him do it, but I don't know any other professional dialecticians! --MichaelTinkler

I third it, although I've already removed the most misleading parts of the International English article. A reviewer from IELTS would be best, simply because that's what ... wants. --Zundark, 2001 Sep 27

If the matter's so pressing, it might not be a good idea to wait for me.  :-) But, I hope I'll get to it soon. --LMS

..., the way I see it 'requests for review' does not mean that we're calling in arbitrators, we're just hoping for some expertise. It's still wikipedia. --MichaelTinkler

Pomeranian language and Kassubians (which should almost certainly be Kashubians) really need to be reviewed by someone who knows about both the languages involved. --Zundark, 2001 Oct 17

Looks like Rmhermen is sorting things out, so this review request can probably be ignored for now. --Zundark, 2001 Oct 17

Temperature is getting to the point where it could use the comments of a good reviewer. Currently, the article is probably weighted a bit on the technical side, so it would be useful if someone could provide suggestions for additional non-technical subtopics - Matt Stoker

We should move this page to Wikipedia article review requests or something like that. Other people can help me look for reviewers.  :-) --LMS