Latin music

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Latin music during the second part of the decade of the 1990s exploded into the mainstream thanks to popular artists like Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez. While Latin music has existed in one capacity or another in the homes of Hispanics for many years, many experts argue that it only arrived in the main stream after the untimely death of the popular Tex Mex singer Selena. Many attribute Jennifer Lopez's discovery as a talented actress and artist as a result of her role as Selena in autobiographical movie.

Now days, Latin music encompasses a broad spectrum of sounds, artists, genres, and tastes--from Rock en espanol (with groups like Mana and artists like Shakira) to New Latin Hip-Hop artists like J Lo (otherwise known as Jennifer Lopez) and Big Pun to Banda music played in Los Angeles to Salsa and Merengue crossover artists such as Marc Anthony.