Lee Harvey Oswald

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Lee Harvey Oswald, a somewhat enigmatic figure was the putative assassin of John F. Kennedy.

Oswald was a former United States Marine who had served as a Russian language translator, and who lived in the USSR for a time, both during and after his military career. He married a Russian national, Marina (nee Nichilayeva) Oswald, and eventually made his permanent home in the US. He was an avowed Marxist and supporter of Cuba's Fidel Castro.

Oswald was apprehended shortly after the shooting. He denied the shooting while in custody, shouting "I didn't shoot anyone" to reporters. Oswald was shot and killed by Texas night club owner Jack Ruby while being transferred to county jail, before being brought to trial. Many alternative theories of the assassination contend that he acted on behalf of others, or even that Oswald was not the actual assassin. The Warren Commission was created by Congress to investigate the assassination, and it reported its conclusion that Oswald did assassinate Kennedy and further, that he acted alone. The proceedings of the commission were secret, and its files have yet to be released to the public, further fueling speculation about the assassination.