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It is a terrible shame that Oswald can be termed a former Marine. He was in the Wing (not a combat arms-type), was court-martialed twice (once for illegal possession of a firearm and another for assaulting a superior officer), his FitReps were deplorable (Marines dub this type a "shitbird"), he shot himself in the arm, and, fortunately for his fellow Marines, he applied for and received an "early out" in the form of a dependency discharge so he could go home and take care of mommy.

This is one place in my life where I let my passion for something overtake my logic and desire for broader perspective. I have always thought of Jack Ruby as a hero, not for shooting the man that assasinated POTUS, but for providing the early removal of a blot in the Marine Corps' vaunted history. -Invictus


Jack Ruby was a feces dropping. Calling him a hero is an insult to real heroes. - TS