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ScienceFiction as a separate Literary Art form? That doesn't sound right to me.... If it's good, it fits in literature, if not, it doesn't even fit in art...

Also, Literature separated from TheNovel? I'm not sure who made that list knows what is he/she talking about...I don't correct it because i don't feel competent enough.

Well, the list was obviously just thrown up there for you to edit!

Here's a suggestion...

  • Literary styles: Novel, Poety, Short Story, Dramatic Literature (see theatre)
  • Literary Genres: Buldingsroman, science fiction, biography, etc.
  • Literary figures: authors, poets, critics, dramatists, etc.

(I would throw this in there myself, but I am not sure how to rename a page without losing its contents. Sorry-still learning.)

What's the difference between Literary Art and Literature? Seems the same to me....I think there is some serious renaming-refactoring to be done.

well, i made a stab at it. seemed a reasonable enough suggestion, so i took it.

how do folks feel about "{fill in your favorite Language name} literature" entries? --MichaelTinkler

We should have them. --KQ

What do people think about including public domain texts by the authors that we are creating entries for? It seems that Wikified texts might be of value as part of this project. It's clear we aren't quite producing an encyclopedia... something better. This is one of those things that might make it better. However, I don't know what all of the implications would be and I wonder what others think.---Trimalchio

It seems inappropriate to mention individual authors and educational programs on the top "literature" page. Literature existed before IA and will continue to exist afterwards (btw, does anybody know if they actually eiminated the MFA there, or was that simply rumor?) -- perhaps a summary of the literature/fiction/pulp debate would be more appropriate, or simply a genre summary plus a brief history of the academic traditions that introduced the word...

I agree wholeheartedly with the last entry. It is entirely inappropriate. I am deleting it but it could be rewritten in the future and added to a new section 'literary movements' or 'literary history' as the 'cultural movement' section doesn't suffice.