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Will work some more on this later. Will also add Winsor McCay article.

Also, I heard that Little Nemo is now outside copyright. Is true? and if so, how can i get pictures onto this page? McCay's artwork is amazing! - Asa

I replied to this before but for some unknown reason my comment never appeared. Anyway, I totally agree about Winsor McCay--I'm a huge fan. Looking forward to the article. I'm sure you could find out about whether it's public domain by a Google search. --LMS

Thanks for everyone's additions! LMS: yea Nemo is amazing. I love it, so maybe someone else needs to change some of the wording in the article to make it more neutral!

Added bit about Nemo reaching slumberland. I could probably wirte more about the later development of the strip, including the reasons McCay changed papers ("In Slumberland" seems to have been striped of its colour pallette a few months before it's move), but i first need to finish the giant volume im reading ATM. It contains all the Nemo strips from the begining up till 1914 - it's amazing (a bargin at £20 too!)!! - Asa

Nowadays, for a work to be PD on the Internet, it may have to be PD in all WIPO member states that participate in the Distribution of a work, that is, all countries in which a device routes the packets that transmit the work. I'm not a lawyer, but that's how I interpret the WIPO Copyright Treaty.

It's PD in the USA (under the Sonny Bono law whose cutoff date is 1923) but still under copyright in the European Union, where copyright term extensions tend to restore copyright to public domain works. Given that the last surviving author died in 1934, the strips fall into PD at the end of 1934 + 70 = 2004. --Damian Yerrick