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Hi, welcome visitor from cyberspace... sjc

Welcome to Wikipedia -- The Anome

Hi, do you come from extraterrestrial cyberspace? ;)


Hi, Anome, hi Vulture,
  • :)

thnx for the warm welcome!
* :D
Nah, I woz kiddin.
I come from terrestrial cyberspace,

Please stop inserting patent nonsense into Wikipedia.

--Damian Yerrick

"Little guru," please stop your disruptions on Wikipedia.


Hi little guru, welcome to Wikipedia. This is an open project, and we welcome all contributions, so long as those contributions serve to build an encyclopedia. If you're interested in hanging around, you should take a look at Welcome, newcomers and the pages linked from there. They will give you a idea about the community standards that have developed here. Have fun!


Yes, I second that. We hope you'll stay and join our little community. But please do take a breather from writing until you've looked around a bit to understand how serious we are. You keep writing random casual comments everywhere, making a mess of many pages. That's not really welcome.

--Jimbo Wales

Usually, we prefer not to have 'stub' articles. There are good reasons for this. In particular, articles consisting of just a single link (as you are creating now) are very poor form. But for now I'm not going to do anything about it, because I want you to not get mad at me even more. All I can do is beg you to stop everything and learn about the community before rushing around like this.

--Jimbo Wales

It would really help more if you'd focus on one or two of these Nobel laureates you are creating (almost) empty entries for, and write a short biography, in your own words, from the Nobel links (or from somewhere else). External links are considered additional to the contents we host here. Don't get me (and the others) wrong, your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated! Just try to adopt to the "common style" (as we have no real rules) a little. BTW, are you German?

--Magnus Manske

Hi Magnus Manske
Thanks for the suggestion, I will focus and ALL the Nobel Laureates if you give me the time.
I just need some structure right now, and wikipedia is giving it to me in a wonderful way.
Sorry I don't feel a "common person".
Hmm, Nein, Ich bin nicht Deutsch!, ... but my former wife was a Floridan with German origins


My personal file is linkable from this very same page
Catch you later

little guru

Little Guru, I'd like to second the welcomes and the complaints stated above. It is very important that you realize that Wikipedia is not just a humor website, and despite the huge amount of freedom the wiki software permits, the social ethos we've developed here means it's very far from being the case that "anything goes." I've noticed that you've added a large number of pages that consist of nothing but links to external sites. About that, please see what Wikipedia is not. We have a more or less standing policy against doing precisely what you've done (simply putting a link to an external site on an otherwise blank page). So...will you please remove these links, and either write actual encyclopedia articles, or else leave them completely blank? (Other folks, if you're reading this, maybe you could help with this? I've got to get going.)


Respectable LMS Ph.D., I know you are a honorable person, and you laugh only when people take pictures about ya, and I understand that linking to the outside world wikipedia pages makes you feel awkward.


We all know how you would like to stay close to your mommy and daddy, possibly in a place where winters are not so long like in Alaska.

But pretty please live the links to the that I did right now.

No, please do remove them, "pretty please," unless you want to add articles as well. --LMS

I need some structure to develop an idea, and you know how structure is important: that's all mathematics is about.

I hope you will understand.

Thanks a lot, even for reading me. I will buy you a beer at the wikipedians pub.

little guru

Creating wikipedians pub page was quite silly. Could you please switch to doing something more useful here. --Taw

If you want to add comments to an article, use /Talk, not /talk nor /comments. Thanks.



little guru

You may have noticed that many people are undoing many (not all) of your edits. This is because you are largely ignoring Wikipedia community standards and the advice that people are trying to give you. Please stop editing for a bit and take the time to get a feel for this place. I'm finding it quite frustrating to follow your edit trail throughout Wikipedia.



little guru

Hi, and welcome. Once you "learn the ropes", I'm sure you'll be a fine contributor to wikipedia.

Feel free to correct spelling mistakes, like threoritical => theoretical, without troubling yourself to make a talk entry. Instead, write spell check or copyedit in the summary field of the edit page. When people check Recent Changes they will see your comment. My comment for this edit was, "Please correct my spelling." --Ed Poor

From Galileo Galilei/Talk

"Does anyone besides me feel that Galileo should be credited, even more so than Newton, for founding [modern science]? by conducting experiments? rather than relying on mere conjecture (as Aristotle did). Or was there someone before Galileo who not only relied on experiment, but realized that it was the only way to really learn anything about the world?--


BlackGriffen I think you do NOT know the exact spelling of theory. Well I've correcte all your threories? in the text above.

--little guru"

First of all, where did I ever say theory in the above? That was everything I said on that page. Second, you come across as a pedantic jackass in the above. How about being a little more polite by just saying phrases like, "Corrected spelling of 'theory' in the above paragraph."

Are you a high school kid or something?--BlackGriffen

Now, now, everyone has to learn. Please give little guru a chance to learn. Be patient, be clear, and lead by example. It took me two weeks to become the valuable and respected contributor I am today (blushes modestly). Ed Poor
Well, Ed, you never can tell, really; I've been around the Wikipedia for allmost a year and I'll never be a 'respected contributor', so . . . . but I think Little Guru has much better to offer - distortion is easy. Mathijs