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This represents a solution to a problem: ambiguous place names. This should be discussed on naming conventions! -- LS

Yes, it solves ambiguity, but at the cost of ease of use, and that is a too high price. If I write an article on something else and want to mention London, it is the difference between keeping track of and writing ((London)) or ((United Kingdom/London|London)). This is a stupid approach. If we want to make it complicated to link to pages, we could just aswell introduce unambiguous object identifiers. --LA2

I agree; London should definitely have a page of its own (and a reference from this one). --Pinkunicorn

Please, "just say no" to almost all subpages. There are almost always good reasons not to have them. There are better ways to disambiguate. If necessary, this can be moved to London, England, but I'd say don't do that: the London is, as everybody knows, in England, and London, Ohio (if there is one--there probably is) can live comfortably at London, Ohio with a link from London. No one will be confused by this. :-) --LMS