Los Angeles class submarine

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The Los Angeles-class attack submarines (SSN) were the most numerous class of nuclear-powered submarines built by any nation, and formed the bulk of the U.S. attack submarine force well into the 21st century. They were preceded by the Sturgeon class and followed by the Seawolf class.

LA-class submarines are extremely fast and carry about 25 torpedo-tube launched weapons. The last 31 ships of the class have 12 vertical launch tubes for the Tomahawk cruise missile. Of these, the final 23 ships, referred to as "688I," are even quieter, incorporate an advanced combat system, and are configured for under-ice operations (with diving planes on the bow and a reinforced sail).

General Characteristics

  • Builders: Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Displacement: 6,927 tons submerged
  • Length: 360 feet
  • Beam: 33 feet
  • Draft: 32 feet
  • Speed: 25+ knots submerged
  • Depth: Greater than 800 feet
  • Complement: 140
  • Armament:
    • Four 21-inch forward torpedo tubes
    • on SSNs 719-725 and 750-773, 12 Vertical Launch System tubes


Homeported at the Naval Submarine Base, Groton, Connecticut

Homeported at the Naval Submarine Base, Norfolk, Virginia

Homeported at the Naval Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Homeported at the Naval Submarine Base, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Homeported at the Naval Submarine Base, San Diego, California

Stricken, to be disposed of by submarine recycling