Louis Armstrong

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Louis Daniel Armstrong was to my mind the greatest musician of all genres in the 20th century. He stamped on the world's consciousness of the 20th century like a colossus. Everything is known about his lowly birth and hardships in his early youth but nothing can prepare the listener for the inate developing jazz genius that was to unfold in the early 1920s.

Why this should be I have no idea and I'm sure neither did Louis Daniel. However, he strode onto the world in the 20s as a giant, easily eclipsing his mentor Joe "King" Oliver and all of his New Orleans and Chicago contempories. The next 10 years were to see a flowering of jazz genius like the world had never seen before and in my opinion since. Although subject to the visissitudes of Tin Pan Alley and the music business and gangsterism of the era he continued to provide fantastic solos in front of famous named orchestras. Not only that but continued to tour for the next 30 years on a gruelling 300+ days a year on one-night stands. In the end to be revered all over the world as "Ambassador Satch" and to have two wonderful top of the pop charts hits with "What a wonderful world" and "Hello Dolly". In conclusion the best ambassador of hot music and a wonderful human being.