Lower Peninsula of Michigan

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Lower Peninsula of Michigan

-also known as "The Mitten", "Below the Bridge", and "The L.P." (though much less frequently than the Upper Peninsula is referred to as "The U.P") by all Michiganders, and as "Detroit" by Michigan's Upper Peninsula residents. Residents of the Lower Peninsula are also referred to as "Trolls" (referencing to the fact that all residents of the Lower Peninsula live below a bridge).

Michigan's lower peninsula is surrounded by water on all sides except it's southern border which it shares with Ohio and Indiana. Because of the water that surrounds it, it has a recognizable shape that many people associate with a mitten. This has led to many creation myths for the area, one being that it is a hand print of Paul Bunyan a giant lumberjack and favorite folk character in Michigan. This has also led to the phenomenon of Lower Peninisula residents holding out their hand and pointing to it when asked where they are from.

Michigan's Lower Peninsula can be fairly cleanly divided into two halves, Northern Michigan and Southern Michigan. based on geological, soil, and vegitation differences; amount of urban vs. rural areas; minority populations; and agriculture.

Southern Michigan, again, can be sub-divided into four main areas: Thumb Country, Southeastern Michigan, Mid-Michigan and West Michigan.

  • Southern Michigan
    • Southeastern Michigan
Greenfield Village
Greek Town
Detroit Institute of Art
University of Michigan
    • Mid-Michigan
Jackson Space Center
Michigan State University
Cascades Park
    • West Michigan
Western Michigan University
Warren Dunes State Park
  • Northern Michigan
Sleeping Bear Dunes

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