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This needs some dividers to set apart U.S. Lutherans from the older Lutheran churches - which also deserve a fuller explanation. Lutheran theology of communion is much more complex than 'to avoid spiritual harm to curious non-Christians; as well. I'm not sure what non-Lutherans are allowed to take communion, but I'm not sure the Missouri Synod allows ELCA members to take it. It is important to explain Luther on consubstatiation vs. transubstatiation, and if any of the synods do or do not still hold with Luther's doctrine. Recent Anglican/Lutheran rapprochements are another area to explore. --MichaelTinkler

Oh, and, the entry on the Protestantism page is for Lutheranism. Nomenclature strikes again. --MichaelTinkler

"Lutheranism" could be used to discuss doctrine and "Lutheran church" could be used to discuss church history and politics. There could be other pages, too, obviously, such as Lutheran church--Missouri Synod or the same with the "c" in "church" capitalized (if that would be more correct). It just seems to me that Lutheran and Lutherans are not the best places to put the information. I'm a literalist when it comes to interpreting Wikipedia titles. :-) --LMS