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Mabo is the popular name for a landmark Australian court case which was decided by the Australian High Court on June the 3rd, 1992. The effective result of this judgement was to invalidate the declaration of "terra nullius", or "vacant land" which had be pronounced at the time of British colonisation in 1788. The implications of this decision are still being determined, but there is no doubt that it was a decision that fundamentally altered the political and social landscape of Australia.

In one of the great ironies of 20th century jurisprudence, the actual specifics of this supremely significant case border on the trivial...

There is a lot more to write on this extremely sensitive topic.

Link - [1] This image is not immediately relevant, but I want to use it for an article on aboriginal relations, which will logically follow on from what I am doing here...

Other good reference links: [2], [3],