Macedonian language

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The Macedonian language is one of the south branch of the Slavonic languages. It is spoken by two million people in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and some other countries where Macedonian emigrants are present.

Some of the most important characteristics of the language include:

  • the accent on the third syllable from the end of the word
  • the article
  • the losing of the cases
  • the infinite mode.
  • the future tense that is made from the particle kje and present tense of verb. This particle is a remanant of the old verb hosteti that means want, like
  • the conditional is made from the particule bi plus the past participle of verb
            future tense    verb:gleda 
           kje gledam    kje gledame
           kje gledas    kje gledate
           kje gleda     kje gledaat     
     conditional mode     verb:saka
          bi sakal       bi sakale 
          bi sakal       bi sakale 
          bi sakal,a,o   bi sakale