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@Cyril and Methodij were realy Slavs in their souls. J don't believe that they were Greecs, they were citizens of Vizantia by passport and Slav by soul. Surely they fought for the education and the freedom of Slavs ,freedom that will be achieved only by education in simple slavic language.

Slavs in their souls? Oh, dear. Passports are a metaphor, I hope - since they weren't invented yet. --MichaelTinkler

I have deleted the following because even after my attempting to clean it up it still does not make sense, and it sounds like it is quite possibly Macedonian nationalist propaganda ('our language is the older and more pure than yours!'):

It is very important the fact that the Macedonian language is the old Slavonic language and its development is bigger than that one of the Bulgarian and Serbian languages. Cyril and Methodius were born in Solun. And now there are still Macedonian speakers there, and from their dialects it could be concluded that the Macedonian language is the oldest Slavonic language. This was confirmed also from Vatroslav Jagic, the great Croatian philologist. In fact in the Solun dialects of Macedonian language we still have the nasals that were characteristic sounds of Old Slavonic Language. This is an example of how some of the old phonetic characteristics of the old language of Slavs were kept.

--- Simon J Kissane

Dear Mister Michael Tinkler , Since J do not know your e-mail , J write you here, and you know who am J . J believe that your response after my so called as you say nationalistic point of view is also justificated. But J did not do that for achievement nationalistic propaganda, but only J said the truth. Yes , passport is methaphore and J used it for saying that they were in some way Grecs or Visant citizens, but they were realy Slavs. J don't have anything against the other languages . And it is not a propaganda. You know when you are weak nobody trusts you. Why don't you see the other side. And J didn't say thatr Macedonian is the oldest and purest but just that it is closest to the OLD SLAVIC LANGUAGE< that means it keeps lot of forms, that the old language had. J realy want to know if you are Englishman or something else , , J realy am sorry if gave you nationalistic impression, but probably my English is not so good., but J am just a student that studies Slavic languages and makes comparisons ,

First of all, don't worry about your English! There are Wikipedians who seem to specialize in editing entries into good and better English (some of them edit my entries all the time!).
My criticism is not of your linguistics. My comment was on the phrase "Slavs in their souls." Surely you do not claim to know the souls of Cyril and Methodius (wikipedia tends to use the Latin form of names, though not exclusively). They certainly were speakers of Old Slavonic, they developed the writing system, but the biographies that I have read (admittedly not many of them) claim that they were not ethnically Slavic. We have to address that point, even if to dismiss it. And commenting on the state of someone's soul is definitely not Neutral point of view. Discussions of the ethnicity of historical characters often degenerates into claims and counter-claims (for example, see the exchanges about Esperanto and L. L. Zamenhof). Instead why not continue with the Macedonian Language entry as a LANGUAGE -- and the other slavic languages, too! I am myself American and of Scottish descent - I am not invested in the situation of Macedonia at all; I don't want to see another fight start. --MichaelTinkler. (and I don't understand why sometimes my identity doesn't stick on this computer. damn cookies.)

Yes , you are right . Me too. It is better that we do not start new fight again. But J think still there is misunderstanding here and it is international. J do not know if you use that expression,but when J say methaphoricaly, they were Slavs in soul that means that they sucrifieced everything for the slav cause even their lives.. J would recomend you to read Panonic Legends from Climent Ohridski one of Cyril's students and then you will see what am J speaking about. J just used a methaphore and J am very sorry if it sounds so nationalistic, however probably you are right. And J know that one of the oldest languages is Lithuanian , correct me if J am wrong. Sorry again. And please if J add something non nationalistic do not rase it Thank you Bye

To whoever you are, would you mind not putting communications on the main page? Discussions belong on the /Talk pages. Thankyou -- Simon J Kissane