Malayo Polynesian

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A main subgroup of Austroasiatic languages. MP has two subgroups: Continental or Western and Oceanic or Eastern. All Malayo-Polynesian Languages have a low-entropy; that is, the text is quite repetive in terms of the frequency of sounds. The majority also have no consonant clusters like STR or MPT. Vowels, however, are quite common.

Eastern has 300 Million speakers and includes Bahasa Indonesia and Malay, Malagasy and Taga, as well as many others.

Western has two subgroups: Polynesian and Micronesian. Micronesian includes the languages spoken by the Native Peoples of Mcronesia. Polynesian includes Samoan, Tuvaluan, Tahitian, Tongan and Hawai'ian, which are the best known. All of the said languages except Hawai'ian have official status in the countries and territories of the Pacific Ocean. Collectivly they are spoken by about 1 million people.

All Malayo-Polynesian languages tend to use reduplication to make plural plural and other grammatical devices.