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This is a personal page where I keep a list of the IP addresses of people who have "exhibited miscreant behaviour". This list is for my benefit - I do a text search through recent changes to see if they have been up to no good of late.

You are welcome to use and even add to this list, on the understanding that you acknowledge this is NOT an official Wikipedia blacklist of any description. No such blacklist exists, nor should it.

If you find yourself on this list then don't worry. It means that I have been disturbed by something you have done and am watching you. If the behaviour ceases, then you come off my list. (And don't try and remove yourself, you know I'll simply undo it.)

Imagine how much constructive work can be done without wasting time on cleaning up after the vandals. Why bother to tolerate them? Just set a strict policy to ban their IP addresses from accessing the edit page. The remaining issue is that many users uses DHCP in getting their IP addresses from their ISP, i.e. some innocent users may get a banned IP address. Those unlucky people can sign up for a login name and clean their "name" that way. I don't think anyone here would miss the vandals if we can effectively ban them.
Problems with that proposal -- some people (e.g. me) are behind translucent proxies. Everyone at my ISP will turn up with the same IP number. And getting people at banned IPs to sign up for a login name won't solve much -- vandals will just keep on signing up for new login names with new false identities. Of course, we could require them to provide some more unique identity (e.g. an email account other than a hotmail or yahoo, their real name with some form of ID) -- but that will just become a bureaucratic waste, it will discourage people who value their privacy but still have a decent contribution to make from contributing, and it would prevent some people (e.g. people from Internet cafes with no choice but to use hotmail or yahoo) from participating. (Also, this discussion probably belongs somewhere other than this page.) -- SJK - vandalised this page with some nonsense about communists
zenferret - seems to enjoy vandalising the US Constitution. A tosser. - Fart boy. Persistent and irritating. - Homophobic boy. Also irritating. - has a nasty habit of deleting articles (an expression of disagreement?) There are ample avenues for expressing dissent, deletion is not one of them. - not a really bad offender, but worth checking up on. Has created some nonsense pages. - attempts to be subtle by inserting rambling sentences of nonsense into otherwise good text. - a boring vandal - writes "oh-so-clever" things like "You are my bitch" on history pages. to add bits about one "Clifford Gayo."

Comment - some people disagree with my having this page, on the grounds that it might only encourage miscreants. This is a fair comment, but it has not been my experience so far. The advantage is that I can cut and paste the IP into the Ctrl-F box in recent changes and easily see if they have been active. Hence I plan to keep it. There is another page called "Blocked IP's" which I disagree with as it should not be a main encyclopedia article, and it smacks of being a blacklist.


161.removed, - seems to insist that Catalonia should be regarded as an independent nation. Target pages include anything Spain related.

195.removed - using Wikipedia to create advertorials for some software product called "FAR". Then vandalising other people's pages.

D-Removed - seems to have confused Wikipedia with Napster

J*******- a pathetic little tosser.

Our embarrasingly childish **th grader from ****** got himself removed from the list in November after behaving for a while, but was reinstated for his nonsense of **/**, 2001
Yes, he's done more vandalism, but I'm hoping to convert him to the light side. :) Keep him on the list, though. --STG
I now recommend that J****** be removed from the list. He's contributed tons of articles on *******, and has even removed other people's vandalism. He's abandoned the Dark Side, baby! --STG