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religion - rewrite entries on heaven and related concepts, research beliefs of major world religions. Later on research beliefs of indigenous cultures.

Prime minister - create entry, cross reference to PMs of various nations. Complete bios for australian PMs

Finish entries for every world capital. Ultimately I want to do entries for every city CNN gives a weather forecast for (just over 10 000 cities). That may take a while

Eureka Stockade - Oz history
Rum rebellion - Oz history
William Wallace
Al di Meola - jazz guitarist
Allan Holdsworth


Serengeti game reserve in Tanzania
Masaai Mara game park in Kenya
Maasai the people
Mount Kilimanjaro Africa's highest mountain
Okovango Delta in Botswana

common preference - a dubious usage of a term to describe the Win-win solution concept Taking Children Seriously - research and validate the claims to be a "worldwide" organisation, etc Beauty - do it, damn it, do it! (Been planning this for months)