Mathematics Competitions

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International Mathematical Competitions

  • IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) -- worldwide
  • APMO (Asian-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad) -- Pacific rim
  • OIM (Olimpíadas Iberoamericanas de Matemática) -- Spain, Portugal and Latin America
  • Olimpiada Matematica de Centroamérica y del Caribe -- Central America and the Caribbean
  • William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition -- USA and Canada

National Mathematical Competitions


  • OMA (Olimpíada Matemática Argentina)


  • AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition)


  • OMB (Olympiade Mathématique Belge)
  • VWO (Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiade)


  • OBM (Olimpíada Brasileira de Matemática)


  • CMO (Canadian Mathematics Olympiad)
  • Descartes (13th grade students)
  • Euclid (12th grade students)
  • Fermat (11th grade students)
  • Cayley (10th grade students)
  • Pascal (9th grade students)
  • Gauss (7th and 8th grade students)



  • DeMO (Deutsche Mathematik-Olympiade)


  • NWO (Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade)


The United States is home to many regional and national math contests for high school students. The largest and most prestigious are those run by the The American Mathematics Competitions, which include the following:

  • AMC 8 (formerly AJHSME - American Junior High School Mathematics Examination)
  • AMC 10/12 (formerly AHSME - American High School Mathematics Examination)
  • AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination)
  • USAMO (United States of America Mathematics Olympiad)

The AMC 8, AMC 10, and AMC 12 are open to students in or below grades 8, 10, and 12, respectively, and collectively receive more than 400,000 participants each year. The highest scorers on the AMC 10 and AMC 12 are invited to take the AIME, and the highest scorers on the AIME are invited to take the USAMO. The representatives of the United States in the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) are selected from the USAMO winners.

Other American math contests include USAMTS (United States of America Mathematical Talent Search), the team-based competition ARML (American Regions Math League National Competition) and The Mandelbrot Competition for high schoolers, and the Putnam Competition for undergraduates.